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How will Pune benefit from the Commonwealth Youth Games 2008?

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If one studies the history of Pune, there is extensive mention of the city’s association with culture, education and sports. Pune has always welcomed, encouraged and appreciated endurance and excellence in the field of sports and games. A number of sporting facilities in the city are testimony to this fact and have been excellent nurturing grounds for sport enthusiasts.

The importance of Pune as a sporting excellence centre was stated with the meeting of the first Indian Olympic committee at the Deccan Gymkhana grounds. After that, major tournaments, games and events were held, the major being the National games in 1994.This gave the city the sprawling and magnificent Chatrapati Shivaji Sporting complex at Balewadi and an opportunity to host a large scale sporting extravaganza.

With Pune being entrusted with hosting the Commonwealth Youth Games in 2008, the commonwealth sporting fraternity has not only recognized Pune’s status as a sporting centre of excellence but also has given it the opportunity to build its infrastructure and sporting culture.

The benefits of hosting the games are for all of us to see. The widening and paving of all major roads, the BRTS transport system, the renovation and expansion of the dilapidated Chatrapati Shivaji Sporting complex, the initiative to get Pune green and clean are all measures which have come into place because of CYG 2008.

Government funds have been poured in to get Pune ready to welcome delegates and athletes from 71 countries and territories all across the globe. In turn, the common punekar has benefited with the city’s infrastructure being upgraded. There are now comfortable public busses plying on BRTS routes, the drainage system has been upgraded leading to lesser water clogging on the roads and the newly paved roads have made driving easier, safer and less congested.

However, one may argue, that the difficulties posed by the construction have caused a lot of problem to the people. One should look at the long time gains of this change and in turn accept the intermediate problems that have been caused. With a better infrastructure, Pune’s dream of becoming a mega city, attracting the best of the industry and academia will become a reality. The city will surely prosper with more and more corporates setting base in the city and adding to its development and employment opportunities.

I have a feeling that the CYG event will bring Pune to the limelight not only as a sporting destination but as a tourist attraction. With so many athletes, delegates and guests coming to Pune from foreign lands, they will have an opportunity to experience Pune’s rich cultural heritage and also look at the historic places in and around Pune. They are, I am sure, bound to be mesmerized by the beautiful landscapes in a around Pune and spread the message around when they return back.

Pune is definite to get richer in sporting facilities because of the CYG event this year. Firstly, the newly renovated Chatrapati Shivaji Sports Complex will not only provide the sporting fraternity in Pune with modern facilities but also become a venue for future national and international sporting events. Secondly, with the encouragement of youth to be a part of this event, the younger generation is sure to draw inspiration from the event and take part in sports and emulate their heroes. This will certainly stand not only Pune but also the country in good stead in the field of sports.

I also strongly believe that the CYG event will add to the cosmopolitan culture of Pune and will also add strength to it. With the involvement and interaction of a large number of volunteers, media persons and workforce, CYG will help to draw Punekars together and bind them together in a spirit of harmony and joy. This certainly will do a world of good for Pune as a community and make it more confident as a group.

I am sure, along with all the above mentioned benefits, CYG Pune will bring in a lot of adjunct benefits to Pune as a whole. Let us all gear up for the big event and make Pune proud as a good host to the events. Get set go Pune.

Supratik Ghatak
India, the country known for its unity in diversity. Pune is the Cultural capital of Maharashtra and is also known as the Oxford of the east. Known for its salubrious climate, the city has already positioned itself as a hub of IT and education.\Once known as pensioners' paradise, Pune has now emerged as a vibrant city with a population of over 40 lakhs.

After hosting the National Games successfully in 1994, Pune is now aspiring to establish itself an international Sporting venue and the Commonwealth Youth Games will go a long way in achieving this ambitious goal. It will not be an exaggeration to say that in times to come the city will be bidding to host events like Commonwealth Youth Games and the Asian Games. Successful hosting of Commonwealth Youth Games will also provide a fillip to the physical infrastructure which is under stress due to the city's rapid development and a booming real estate sector which is attracting people from far & wide. Pune's roads will become better & city will be more clean & green. The City Airport is only connected to limited international destinations. The Commonwealth Youth Games will enable Pune to stretch its wings to more destinations in the world.The Games are also helping the city get much-needed funds from the Central and State government and co-operate to meet the financial requirements for its development.Government will provide modern sporting facilities & will inspire the youngsters to take up sports as a serious carrier option. The Commonwealth Youth Games will catapult Pune into the global map.

Ranjit Singh Yadav
Volunteer Registration Number: vol3979
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