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How will Pune benefit from the Commonwealth Youth Games 2008?

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As a punekar and a responsible volunteer of CYG, I feel that CYG 2008 is a great deal for Pune as china are hosts of the Olympic Games 2008. It is not only the responsibility of volunteers but also of every punekar to make our city as sweet and attractive so that all Commonwealth players say “Yes this the one of the better city in the world.” If each and every citizen of Pune follows the code of conduct given by the CYG committee, then we will leave behind Beijing and London in the race for a clean, environmental friendly sports city.

With the funds given by Center Govt. through JNNURM to Pune, if we utilize it properly on stadiums, roads, and on all basic infrastructures, it will help in bringing Goodwill from all our guests from abroad. Big advertisements of our city and CYG will attract Foreign Direct Investment in Pune.

From ancient times Pune is knowing as a peaceful, academic city, but I am confident that after a great event, Pune will be known as a sports city with citizens of sportsmanship spirit.

Thank you.
Rahul B Ratunawar
Pune the so called oxford of the east is going to benefit in a lot of ways due to the Commonwealth Youth Games. First of all we will be getting a Global Platform for our city because the CYG is a world event. Audience across the world will come to see the games which will help in the economy of the city and the country as a whole. Hospitality Industry of the city will see a boom during the games. We have also seen that the infrastructure of the city is being improved as well just for the Commonwealth Youth Games. The Sports Complex made for CYG will be an asset to the city which will also be useful after the games are over. Overall Due To CYG the city is going to be more happening and Attract More Global Audience.

Fakhruddin Godhrawala
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