Code of Conduct

Volunteering for the Commonwealth Youth Games Pune 2008 (CYG 2008) is not a permanent, full-time role in that venue prior to and beyond the Commonwealth Youth Games Pune 2008.

This Code of Conduct is a summary of the policies which apply to a Volunteer. The Code sets out the standards of behaviour that the Commonwealth Youth Games Pune 2008 expects from, and identifies the rights and responsibilities of, a Volunteer.

Compliance with the Code of Conduct is one condition of your involvement with us and should be regarded as a minimum standard which you should adhere to.

If you are unsure whether a decision you are about to make will breach the Code of Conduct, ask your immediate supervisor/manager or a member of the Commonwealth Youth Games Pune 2008 team. By working within the guidelines of the Code of Conduct you will be contributing to the culture and success of the Commonwealth Youth Games Pune 2008.
The Code of Conduct
Volunteers are expected to :
  1. Be neatly groomed, presentable and with a high level of personal hygiene. Avoid use of excessive/extreme facial jewellery.
  2. Display flexibility and accept duties other than those initially assigned.
  3. Adhere to the security measures in place at all venues.
  4. Adhere to the start and finish times on the roster. Avoid any unauthorized access at the venue before or beyond the rostered times.
  5. Compulsorily attend all training and team-building sessions.
  6. Conduct professionally and present themselves in a professional manner at all times.
  7. Maintain confidentiality of information about the CYG 2008 and other parties involved in the staging of the event. The volunteer must keep confidential any information that is ‘sensitive’, commercial and confidential.
  8. Use efficiently, protect and take care of the Organisers’ equipment and facilities.
  9. Report any grievance to your immediate superior/manager or the Volunteer Manager.
  10. Exercise care in the course of your work in a manner which ensures the health and safety of yourself and others. Please be aware of, and follow, all safety information, instructions and any training you have received when you are carrying out any work activities or tasks and for the venues where you are working.

  11. The following safety responsibilities apply to everyone :
    1. Co-operate with the CYG 2008 and Venue Management on health and safety matters.
    2. Only use equipment, machinery or vehicles if you are authorised and trained to do so.
    3. Understand any emergency arrangements for the activities you are carrying out and the venue where you are working.
    4. Take due care when lifting and carrying heavy items.
    5. Wear protective clothing where required.
    6. Report any potential hazards or safety failings to the Volunteer Manager or directly to your supervisor.
    7. Remove yourself from and warn others of any imminent danger.
  12. Adhere to the following instructions with regard to the Volunteer uniform which should be worn and maintained with pride and in accordance with the following guidelines:
    1. The official uniform must be worn when you are rostered to work and you are expected to look neat and tidy while wearing it. It is your responsibility to clean and care for your uniform items.
    2. You are required to provide your own footwear in black/white/grey colour. Comfort is the priority so footwear such as trainers are acceptable items of uniform.
  13. Adhere to the Equal Opportunity Issues. All volunteers are responsible for ensuring that we provide a work environment free of harassment and discrimination; and where everyone is treated with respect, fairness and equality. You will not engage in any kind of harassment (verbal/physical/written) or discrimination on grounds of race, religion/faith, language, sex, age, disability, marital status – direct or indirect.
  14. Must submit a health certificate from any registered medical practitioner stating the volunteer applicant is fit.

  15. The following activities are prohibited:
  16. Contact with the Media, and comments about the event the Volunteer is involved with.
  17. Criminal/illegal activity at the workplace.
  18. Use/sale/distribution of alcohol and drugs at the workplace.
  19. Consumption of alcohol, drugs and performance impairing substances.
  20. Gambling on the event premises.
  21. Fraudulent and corrupt practices.
  22. Acceptance of a gift or entertainment irrespective of its value.
  23. Acceptance or solicitation of tips/gratuities.
  24. Selling or canvassing for personal business/interests.
  25. Soliciting of autographs of athletes/VIPs and taking their photographs during rostered work hours or whilst in uniform.
  26. Possession/carriage of firearms or dangerous weapons.
  27. Smoking whilst on duty or outside the designated staff smoking zone/areas.
  28. Sleeping whilst on duty.
  29. Use of personal mobile phones, radios and pagers inside the venue. (May be used with the permission of the Venue Manager, in which case the phone should be in silent profile).
  30. Bringing valuables to the workplace. These include bags, radios, portable CD/cassette players, laptops etc. The Commonwealth Youth Games Pune 2008 will not, in any way, be liable or responsible for any loss of or damage to such items.
  31. Obscenities, offensive language and offensive/inappropriate jokes.
  32. Use of Notice boards and Information Display for propagating personal material.
  33. Use of the Organisers’ equipment, including consumables (PCs, communication devices, office equipment etc.) for personal/private purposes.
These guidelines are in place to ensure both your and the CYG 2008 safety. They are not designed to be restrictive in any way. Commonwealth Youth Games Pune 2008 not only wishes to provide a professional service to its users but we also want you to enjoy volunteering. We would like you to know that the time you give us is very much appreciated and, in many cases, events would not happen without your valuable assistance.
The Games are now over. This site is for reference only. For the latest news and information on the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games please visit the CGF website.

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